Welcome to the Online Alpaca
Show Registration System
To register for a show select the name of the show from the list to the right and click the 'Go' button.
This registration site is designed and supported by Don Tompkins of Alpacalachin Farms. Currently I have successfully supported over 360 alpaca shows (AOA, ALSA, International, and Canadian rules) ranging in size from as few as 200 alpacas to as many as 1500 alpacas. Over half of the shows that used my system have sold out of stalls, with several shows selling out in a couple of days, one show sold out of 600 stalls in 11 hours.
If you are interested in using this registration system for your show please feel free to contact Don Tompkins. My fees are very reasonable (I can support shows from level II - level V) and by having the farms enter their own data into a database it will allow the show superintendants more time to focus on the more important aspects of the show.
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